Jan Verwey Cool jazz on harmonica
Toots Thielemans: “Jan has his own, unique sound”


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Daniel Stoopendaallaan 46

T: +31 (0)6 2733 6545
E: jan.verwey@hotmail.com

The formations of Jan Verwey

Jan verwey Duo’s

Jan Verwey [mondharmonica] – Christian Hassenstein [gitaar]
Jan Verwey [mondharmonica] – Bert van den Brink [piano]
als duo, of met special guest: zangeres Fay Claassen.

Christian Hassenstein / Jan Verwey Quartet

Jan Verwey [mondharmonica] – Christian Hassenstein [gitaar]
Ruud Ouwehand [bas] – Franc auf dem Brinke [drums]

There are generally played jazz standards, interspersed
own composition from some of the band members.

There’s nothing wrong playing jazzstandards!

150 radio stations do it in the USA, founders of cool jazz, bebop and hardbop. It's still 'cool' music, after more than half a century