Jan Verwey Cool jazz on harmonica
Toots Thielemans: “Jan has his own, unique sound”


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Jan Verwey is one of the few musicians who plays jazz professionally
on the chromatic harmonica. He developed a highly individual sound
and is certainly the only one who specialises in playing octaves, also
in his improvisations.

Jan Verwey, born in the Dutch town Vlissingen, is an authentic bebopper
who learned the trade all by himself. He worked for years refining his
melodic and harmonic approach and developing his technique, which allows
him to play daring solos.

When Jan visited the USA for the first time, late 1990, producer
Bill Goodwin – well-known as alto saxophonist Phil Woods’ drummer – was
so enthusiastic, that he literally rushed Jan into the studio to
record the album ‘The Dutch connection’. Back in The Netherlands, the
CD resulted in an invitation to perform and the famous North Sea Jazz Festival,
a year later.

In 1991, he was back in the USA, this time travelling as a single.
He was invited – as the only European musician – to appear at the festival
‘Celebration of the Art’ in Watergap. He also did a duo-concert then with
piano veteran Hod O’Brien, well-known for his collaboration with Chet Baker,
in the jazzclub ‘The Deerhead Inn’.

Since then, Jan did a spectacular Canadian tour and toured all over Europe,
appearing in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Brussels and Hamburg, where he played
the Birdland jazzclub. This year (2013) also concerts in Dússeldorf, Darmstadt a.o..

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